Golf Corporate

GolfToursInVietnam.Com helps customers create unique entertainment experiences through golf.
At GolfToursInVietnam.Com, we cater for all kinds of meetings and incentives taking care of every single detail. Working with our experienced team and with our strategic alliances we can provide you with all the logistics that need to be taken in order to obtain the perfect event.
The main goal of GolfToursInVietnam.Com is to assure client satisfaction. One of our most popular client enquiries are Incentive activities or trips for companies to motivate employees or to reinforce relations with clients or suppliers. Golf tournaments are a good way to reinforce relations with clients or suppliers, provide incentives to employees, to present a new product, or to simply raise money for a charity foundation.
What a better way to spend some time with your clients, suppliers or employees in relaxed environment away from the working place? Here is where GolfToursInVietnam.Com, comes into play… Golf is a sport where you can achieve client loyalty or simple do some networking
Incentive Golf Programs
GolfToursInVietnam.Com is all about building business relationships while improving your game. GolfToursInVietnam.Com has designed a program especially to meet the unique needs of the individual corporate golfer and company groups.
All aspects of the game are covered including basic fundamentals of the golf swing such as grip, stance, posture, ball position and alignment. Equally important is the knowledge of golf rules and proper golf etiquette which are also covered.